Pre-Purchase Inspections

pre purchase building inspection brisbaneWhile all REIQ contracts now require building and pest inspections as a standard contract provision, not all building inspections are the same.

Before your contract goes unconditional, invest in a Full Defect Building Report, which includes a thorough and detailed building and pest inspection.

Combined Inspection Service
Our combined building and pest inspection service delivers a comprehensive assessment covering both building and timber pests.

Because with ONE STOP Building & Timber Pest Inspections our inspectors are licenced and experienced in both areas, you are not paying and waiting around for two separate inspectors.

combined building and pest inspections Identify Problems
We look for major problems or defects that may cost you an arm or a leg to fix; identify minor problems that could turn into major problems if not dealt with; and spot safety hazards that could cause injury or harm to your family or visitors to your property.

Be Informed
Our reports are not simple tick and click carbon copy or computer generated checkbox lists. Our reports contain extensive information and clear photos so you can see and understand every issue. Each report is individually prepared and is written in an easy-to-understand way.

Your Questions Answered
You are encouraged to attend your property inspection, and ask questions of the building inspector during the process. That way you can clarify issues and enhance your understanding.

You can also call our building inspector after the inspection if you need to explore an issue further. After all – potentially it is your house and you have a right to know about what is going on with your property!

Assist Your Purchase Strategy
By gaining detailed and accurate information, you can make informed decisions about the true value of the property and the future of your contract. You can also factor in remediation works during future renovations.

Pre-sale Inspection BrisbanePre-sale Inspections

Savvy sellers take the guesswork out of selling their property by arranging a pre-sale building and pest inspection.

By knowing any issues before listing your property, you can choose to rectify them or price your property to attract potential buyers willing to rectify the issue post sale. A buyer appreciates disclosure and it helps to build trust and secure the sale. This reduces lost time and emotional stress from contracts falling over due to unforseen building or pest inspection findings.

By knowing up front the costs of rectification in the event that any issues are identified, you will not be blindsided during negotiations and end up selling your property for less than it is worth due to overinflated estimates for repair.

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