Building Inspections

Only want a building inspection on your property covering specific issues? We can arrange an individual building inspection assessing issues such as decking, steps and safety barriers, and provide you with a written report.

All building inspections are carried out in compliance with Standard AS 4349.1-2007.

What’s Included in a Building Inspection?

The following are inspection categories and are not an exclusive list of items covered.

  1. Site: Including fences, retaining walls, paths, garden sheds, garages, gardens, timber stumps, site drainage (up to 50m from the main building)
  2. Exterior of the Building: Doors, windows, decks, patios, walls, cladding, shade sails, stairs
  3. Subfloor: Posts & supports, floor frames, subfloor ventilation, termite barriers
  4. Interior: Walls, all accessible floors, fixtures & fittings, skirting, architraves
  5. Roof Space: Roof framing, beams, sarking, insulation, flashing
  6. Roof Exterior: Roof tiles/sheeting, guttering, downpipes, skylights, eaves, & fascia.

One of our key points of difference is that for Body Corporate complexes, we do not exclude relevant accessible common areas within 50m of the subject apartment. This means that you will be aware of potential costly problems in common retaining walls, stairways and masonry.

The current Australian Standards detail only the minimum requirements to be covered by this level of inspection. ONE STOP Building & Timber Pest Inspections provide a service that exceeds this minimum standard.

Subject to limitations, we will report on areas such as plumbing, drainage, electrical, health and safety, presence of material containing an asbestos component, changes to the building since original construction and swimming pools.

Things to be aware of for building & pest inspections
All inspections are non-invasive and visual only, which means we can’t do things such as pull up carpets, empty cupboards, move heavy furniture or stored goods, shift debris, or remove wall cladding.

If the house is occupied, you need to be aware that furnishings including appliances or other household items may conceal problems that can only be seen once the items have been removed.

We also must comply with all safety requirements for working at heights and for reasonable and safe access, which means that in some circumstances we will not be able to physically inspect an area. In those cases, we will inspect from a safe distance and permitted height, using technology to enhance our view.

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