Brisbane Timber Pest Inspections

Suspect that your building may have termites (white ants), borers, fungal decay, or wood rot? We can conduct an independent and thorough pest inspection of your property to identify problems and provide you with recommendations for current and future timber pest management.

What’s Included In a Timber Pest Inspection?

We conduct a visual and non-invasive inspection using best practice tools and equipment for damaging termites (also known as white ants), including dampwood genus, borers and wood decay fungi. We will also report on any evidence of rodents, wasps and high concentrations of black or brown ants.

All pest inspections are carried out in compliance with Standard AS 4349.3-2010.

In our pest inspections, we look for:

  • Signs of any active or inactive timber pests and a general description of the severity of damage (as far as practical or accessible).
  • Signs of existing termite management programs and treatments.
  • Conditions that may be conducive to timber pests including excessive damp or moisture, untreated timber, breaching or bridging of the termite barrier, or inadequate sub floor ventilation.
  • Evidence of a suspected subterranean termite nest found within the property boundaries (up to 50m from the main building).
  • Wood degeneration.

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